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Don’t forget—if your home or business has suffered extensive property loss because of a fire, flood, storm or other damages, you don’t have to go through this alone! Integrity Public Adjustment is here to help. We work diligently to protect your rights and go to bat for you to ensure you get the highest possible settlement that you deserve. Contact our diligent team for more information on getting the highest possible settlement.

  • Fire Damage

    Direct physical damages from a fire that causes damage to the insured home or business. Also, a direct lightning strike to the home or any outbuildings that cause burn damage or disruption of electrical services. Contact us today for help uncovering hidden damage.

  • Water Damage

    Excluding surface and/or sub-surface water but including flood waters. When a pipe breaks or a water heater fails, a toilet or sink overflows or when water penetrates an area where shingles or siding is missing as a result of wind.

  • Wind Damage

    When wind blows shingles or siding from your home or business and physical damages occur to the interior of the building. Also, when wind blows trees down on the insured property and the tree (s) fall on “covered property”.

  • Theft & Vandalism

    Excluding mysterious disappearances unless the item is covered on a schedule submitted to the insurance company. Signs of a forced entry into the home or business must be present for coverage to be extended by the carrier.

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Consulting with Integrity will lower your stress levels and save you time handling the process. Dealing with the loss on its own can be overwhelming. Our job is to reduce your stress, and take as much off your back as we can. Get your life back to normal with our help.

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